Horizon Publisher provides full conference management support in term of publication of the conference articles.

If you host the International Conference at your university/Institution kindly drop an email with detailed profile of conference to  admin@horizonpublisher.org 

Following are the publication services that can be provided to your University/Institution.


1. Conference  Proceedings 

AIBPM-conference Services will deliver the Proceedings in Electronics or printed Format on time with accuracy.

We have 2 types of Proceeding. 

  1. International proceeding with ISBN. http://ejournal.aibpm.org/index.php/jicp
  2. WOS proceeding (partnered with Atlantis Press)

Journal publication supports

We facilitate the conference papers to be published in our journals and partners. As an organizer you can publish the conference papers to the appropriate journals with a good index and impact. We provide the service for editing, proofreading, translation and help to publish the papers. We guarantee the quality so all the papers will be edited to be appropriate for journal publication. Below are the journal option for the conference papers:


1. Special and Reguler issue in Estudios de Economia Aplicada (Studies Of Applied Economics)

We have partnership with AIBPM for the special issue in Economia Aplicada. Check the call 

2. other partner journals: http://listjournal.horizonpublisher.org/index.php/en/scopus-partner-journals,101


Please note that we facilitate and help the publication but the quality of paper should be fit to the journal expectation. We provide the proofread, editing and also translation service